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CareSource is a registered and well known American healthcare system. America is proud of CareSource and it is nonprofit that began as a managed health care plan serving Medicaid members in Ohio. Its popularity has increased significantly due to its state of art Medicaid, Medicare, and Marketplace. It is known as second most largest health care program in United states being operated through Ohio state. Few years back, the health care system was named as Dayton Area Health Plan, which later renamed to CareSource. The motive and goal behind the system is to expanding health care for underserved populations. Meanwhile, Erhardt Preitauer, is the current President and CEO of program and the service areas are extended to Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Georgia.

CareSource Health care program manage customer support and other support from headquarter. Its customer care service has a landline phone number, email address, postal mail address and live person. However, most of the issues are resolved on phone calls. Sometime, the operator will hold your calls due to rush and database check matters. Somehow, the system is serving and giving coverage to nearly 2 million members. As, it is a non profit system, you should get benefit as much as possible and stay healthy.

Company Profile:

CareSource Helpline, phone number, headquarter address, claims
CareSource Support, Customer Service, Headquarter Address, Phone Number, Addresses
FounderPamela Morris
CategoryMedicaid Managed Care plans, Health Insurance Marketplace plans, MyCare Ohio plan, Medicare Advantage plans
Revenue:$8.8 Billion USD+
Chairman/CEOErhardt Preitauer, President and CEO
CareSource Insurance Profile
  • Recommended Coverage: Health insurance
  • Location: Dayton, Ohio

Coverage to Members:

  • Medicaid Managed Care plans
  • Health Insurance Marketplace plans
  • MyCare Ohio plan
  • Medicare Advantage plans

Contact Details:

  • Helpline Phone Number: 937.224.3300
  • Email:
  • Company Headquarter Address: Headquarters 230 N. Main St. Dayton, Ohio 45402
  • Mailing Address: CareSource P.O. Box 8738 Dayton OH 45401-8738
  • Customer Care Service Office: 937.224.3300
  • Website:

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Insurance Claims:

If you want to claim, check number below.

Report and Check Claim status:

Claim inquiries: 937.224.3300 or 614.221.3370

If you have any query regarding CareSource, you can post in comments below.

1 thought on “CareSource – Headquarters Address, Helpline Number, Online Claims”

  1. Desperate customer!! Have been years with CareSource and someone terminated the plan 4/21-
    We paid monthly invoices every month over 1,000!
    Cannot reach a human to resolve. I have canceled checks to prove payment and the invoices you sent us (1012875272) 9/3/21 invoice
    CS Sauds call Marketplace! Marketplace says call CareSource. We are stuck in middle.
    Member ID 10667187200
    Please please please help!
    513-939-6689 Kim Jeffery-Wolfert

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