InsureAddress is an information-based website portal designed to help its users, who are in need of customer service support of their respective insurance companies from which they own insurance policy or want to purchase it after a few inquiries and information. We’re happy to help our visitors with authentic customer care service information of their relevant insurance policy.

What We Cover:

As per our motive, we want to provide our visitors and users with the most authentic and easy to access customer service information of insurance companies and financial groups which they are unable to locate o find on the internet due to reasons. However, on Insureaddress users are provided with easy to access the contact information of insurance providers including phone numbers, customer service numbers, helpline details, mailing addresses, and headquarters location and addresses information.

With the information, users are able to solve their issues, report complaints to higher authorities, file or claim insurance plans, seek information related to company plans and services among others.

How we Get Authentic Information:

All the information is provided with care and authenticity. As we get all the required information related to customer service of companies from their public official websites, those companies allowed users to contact for support, customer service, and other information. Sometimes, it is possibly hard for normal users to get the required customer service or mailing address information from official websites due to complex designs and users’ unfriendly interfaces. As our team is experts in web design and development, so it is easier to get information for us with complex interfaces so that we share it with users in a very simple and easy-to-use interface.

As all the information is listed on insurance companies’ websites to help their customers, so the information is authentic and provided by officials. Yet, sometimes companies change their headquarter location, telephone codes which may need to update with newer ones in meantime. So, in case the information is not updated then stay tuned for updates in several days.

What Information is Shared:

All information including customer service, headquarter addresses, mailing addresses, and helpline phone numbers of insurance companies and groups are shared is already public. None of the company’s private information is shared. So, here you will find only those contact details, which companies themselves provided to users for customer service, reporting issues, complaints, information, and claims.


Insureaddress is an independent platform, which is designed to help users in a most user-friendly, simple, and convenient design to show the customer service information of insurance companies. We are not affiliated with any insurance company, group, or team. We don’t recommend any company, plan, package, or policy to any user navigating this website. This website can only help you to get easier access to public information related to insurance companies in the United States.